Build-a-Driver #12: Submit to linux-iio

Here's the twelfth post in the Build-a-Driver series for MCP9808.
(If this post seems out of context, please refer to "Build-a-Driver Introduction" post.)

This driver hs been submitted as a patch to the linux-iio mailing list.

>> [PATCH] iio: temperature: mcp9808: add Microchip MCP9808 temperature sensor
>> IIO driver, perhaps a reference driver, since this sensor is already supported in 
>> hwmon/jc42 driver. Driver supports continuous conversion, resolution changes
>> and suspend/resume power ops.

It's received one review from the gracious maintainer of the IIO subsystem.  You can
follow it here on the Linux IIO Mailing List.

Will there be more MCP9808?  Yes and Maybe

Yes, more to follow-up on the review feedback

Maybe, more to try out additional features, either software or sensor features.

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