Build-a-Driver: Intermission Time !!!

It's Intermission Time in the Build-a-Driver series for MCP9808.
(If this post seems out of context, please refer to "Build-a-Driver Introduction" post.)

Up until this point the focus of the MCP9808 driver has been to get some basic functionality ready to submit to the Linux community, specifically to the IIO subsystem.   That plan has been put aside since this type of driver is considered better suited for the HWMON subsystem.  In hwmon, there are in fact several companions of this Microchip sensor already supported.

I've submitted a patch to to add the MCP9808 to the jc42 driver.  That is a class of drivers that are JEDEC JC-42.4 compliant.  In doing so, I learned some good stuff about the jc42 driver, hwmon, lm-sensors, more i2c stuff, and more about the Diolan adapter and driver.  

So - after this brief diversion into hwmon-land, I'm back adding features to my MCP9808-homeless driver!

The basic functionality is present and now I'm going to move on and add power mode features - shutdown and then suspend/resume.

Editors Note:  As I've learned more about blogging I have gone back and cleaned up and edited prior posts in this series. The code is all visible now via the GISTs.   I welcome suggestions on ways to improve the blog content or style.  Thanks!

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