Build-a-Driver #7 Verify & Test Integration Times

Notes from verifying and testing the integration time changes and temperature calculations.

Used a spreadsheet to visualize the valid temperatures at each integration time setting.

For example, the gray rows/blue text in the sheets are valid temps expected at each integration time. ie. when integration time is 0.5, the 3 LSB's are always zero, so I should never see temps with data in those 3 LSB's.

To verify that the integration time was indeed changing, I initially added a read register in the driver  code that verified the resolution register was written correctly.  Then, to verify that the driver (& sensor) was behaving correctly and actually reporting temps in the new integration times, I used some bash scripts like this:

If I don't sleep after changing integration time, the first temp  reading may be illogical.

Note below that raw:318 is an invalid reading when integration time is 0.5

If I sleep in the script, I get the nice expected output shown below:

We don't want to depend on the application sleeping, so I'll add a little sleep time to the mcp9808 driver next.

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